FeastNet finger prints project

The Feastnet team are continuing midden research with the Operation Nightingale military veterans and Wiltshire Museum. With the help of the RAF Military Police, we have been recovering finger prints from ceramics from East Chisenbury and Potterne to see if specific potters made multiple vessels

FeastNet steering committee meeting

The last steering committee meeting took place in Cardiff. The FeastNet team presented data, publications and general project achievements to the steering committee – Richard Osgood, Dale Serjeantson, Niall Sharples, Kate Waddington. Lots of exciting discussions!

First FeastNet paper

We are happy to announce that the first FEASTNET paper has been published. You can read it at:

The last data are in!

We received the last strontium isotope results for the FeastNet project. We have analysed 252 sheep, deer, pig, cattle and dog specimens for strontium (87Sr/86Sr), oxygen (δ18O), sulphur (δ34S) carbon (δ13C) and nitrogen (δ15N) analysis. Now it’s time for data analysis!!

The Future of Past Animals: Global Perspectives in Zooarchaeology conference 

Dr Richard Madgwick has presented at the International Council for Archaeozoology meeting at Stockholm University, Sweden. The conference ‘The Future of Past Animals: Global Perspectives in Zooarchaeology’ had participants from across the globe and Richard’s paper on wetland animal husbandry included sulphur isotope data from the midden sites studied in the FeastNet project.