FeastNet at the EAA

Feastnet was represented in the Iron Age transitions session! 8.45 was very early for a talk but the attendance was surprisingly good and we got some great interest from researchers grappling with similar issues across Europe.

EAA Belfast 2023

EAA 2023 in Belfast was a big success! Carmen and Richard hosted a session with Flint Dibble on Iron Age transitions. With papers on Ireland, Britain, France, Switzerland and several on both Italy and Greece, it showcased the rich range of environmental archaeology research being undertaken on this period.

Congress of Zooarchaeology in Cairns

Richard presented a paper on animal management regimes at middens at the International Congress of Zooarchaeology in Cairns, Australia. It went down well and there were lots of questions – sulphur isotope data were particularly popular!

ICAZ Stable Isotope Working Group, Berlin

The Stable Isotope Working Group Conference of the International Council for Archaeozoology took place at FU Berlin. Organised by Roz Gillis of the Deutsche Archaeologische Institut, the event showcased an amazing range of novel isotope studies from across the globe. Richard Madgwick chaired a session and presented Feastnet results relating to husbandry and animal management.